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Lost Tribe Records has released 3 self-produced CDs for Jeff Narell, featuring his distinctive pan playing, compositions, and arrangements, along with an all star cast of musicians from the Caribbean jazz idiom. The CDs and steel band charts are available for purchase: you can use a credit card or your PayPal account by clicking the "add to cart" button.

$15, + $2 shipping
  Callaloo (2006)
A Caribbean stew of grooves ready to get you dancing with an array of top vocalists: Crazy, Rahsul, Carlos Soto, Claudia Villela, Lemo and Jerry Kennedy; highlighted by Jeff’s spicy pan stylings. The instrumentalists are equally impressive with Karl Perrazo (Santana percussionist), Gary Brown (Airto bassist), and guitarists Ray Obiedo, Carlos Oliveira, and Avi Bortnick,  all artists with solo CDs. The CD also features Marty Wehner on trombone, Norbert Stachel on alto sax and John Calloway on flute. Included is “Ellie Man” a tribute song for Dr. Ellie Mannette, father of the modern steel pan.

Rasta Say
La Plaza
Magic Carpet Ride

Voyage to Paradise
$15, + $2 shipping
  Voyage to Paradise (2000)
All instrumental – “emphasizes the jazzier end of his (Narell’s) musical spectrum, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself feelin’ to party along the way.” (Michael Goodwin, liner notes). Special guests include Manny Oquendo, Jesus Diaz, Michael Spiro and Rebeca Mauleon-Santana, Norbert Stachel , Ray Obiedo, Carlos Oliveira and Avi Bortnick.

Joy Ride
Costa Rica

Wave of Love
$15, + $2 shipping
  Wave of Love (1995)
Featuring a mix of vocals and instrumentals described by Latin Beat Magazine as “a hot World Pop debut…pure Caribbean sugar…” with vocalists Edgardo Cambon, Larry Batiste, Ron Stallings and special guests Raymond Myers and Phillip Montalvan from Nicaragua’s Soul Vibes reggae band. Tracks include a long list of Bay Area seasoned instrumental veterans of the World Music scene.

Jungle Rain
Freedom Road


Steel Band Charts, arranged by Jeff Narell
Original Compositions:

La Plaza” (Callaloo), Latin
$50 + $3 shipping

Magic Carpet Ride” (Callaloo), Soca
$40+ $3 shipping

Patricia” (Callaloo), Bossa-latin-soca
$50 + $3 shipping
Ellie Man” (Callaloo), Soca
$50 + $3 shipping
Jungle Rain” (Wave of Love), Slow soca
$40 + $3 shipping
Costa Rica” (Voyage to Paradise), Latin:
$50 + $3 shipping

Joy Ride” (Voyage to Paradise), Soca:
$50 + $3 shipping

Pilgrimage”, Latin:
$40 + $3 shipping


Caribbean Rhythms for Steel Band
For drum set, congas, bells, chekere, guiro, iron etc.
Soca, Calypso, Reggae - (one drop, steppers), Cha Cha Cha, Pachanga, Comparsa, Afro, Plena
$10 + $2 shipping